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Are you a modern art sceptic?
Ask a bus queue for their thoughts on contemporary art, and you’re liable to get salty answers. This light-hearted tale is for them. When Ben Banding’s quiet estuary town holds a modern art festival, the secretively brilliant painter comes up against art world supremo Oliver Rabson and life unravels for them both.

Take memorable characters, stir in art, sailing, mischievous humour and a pinch of romance. Set in beautiful Suffolk. Result: a wry and compelling story that entertainingly relates what happens when the modern art circus descends on an unsophisticated little town.


Might it be satire? Possibly.

An absorbing story as well? You judge.

Is it a laugh at the expense of modern art? Oh yes.

Irreverent, funny and thought-provoking. The contemporary art world won’t want you to read it!


"A compelling story.  Very well-informed satire" Daily Telegraph

"Amusingly reveals how the art market works" The Connection


Readers’ Enthusiasm

"Please take note that I shall be reading it again and again for sheer pleasure.”

“I’m not usually a reader of novels, but I found yours so engaging, refreshing and funny I really looked forward to the next chapter.”

I stayed up half the night to find out what happened.”

“I already have a list of people who simply must read it”


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‘Gardening writer Zinnia Peasmore is determined to stop her wonderful quarry garden being used as a landfill site, and her family and American niece all become involved in the deception she hatches to save it.  But unorthodox means lead to unforeseen consequences, her plan runs anything but smoothly and she learns some of life’s lessons.

This is a novel for those who love gardening, admire village living, and relish the quirky side of life.’


Great fun, extremely readable.  One of the funniest passages in any novel this year.
The Sunday Times


Very  amusing.  It’s wry, it’s sardonic and deliciously so.  I couldn’t put it down.

Eastern Daily Press


A delightful tale.  You will either rush to discover the finish or linger, savouring each page



Readers’ Enthusiasm

‘I immediately wanted to share the pleasure with friends.’

‘More of the same please.’

‘So enchanted by your book I must urge you to write a sequel.’

‘It’s the best book I’ve read in a long time.’

‘I’ve just ordered my seventh copy.’


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Who are the plants in your garden? Who do they commemorate? At last, the North American edition of the British book that gives the answers. Who Does Your Garden Grow? traces the background of over 100 famous cultivars. The book describes the plants, and how they were discovered or bred, and links them with the people for whom they are named..

How did a French dressmaker’s obstinacy bring her immortality as a rose? What lies behind the dianthus called ‘Joan’s Blood’? What well-known plant do we owe to a pulled train communication cord? Why should the Bishop of Llandaff be a scarlet dahlia? And who were Dorothy Perkins and Mrs Sinkins?

This book tells the individual stories behind the plants, describing them and the people of many eras whose memories live on because of the names of plants in our gardens.


‘One of the most intriguing books of the year’

Anna Pavord, The Independent


‘A total delight’

Dr Stefan Buczacki, The Guardian

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